Welcome to MARCnow.

We currently provide cataloging services across a wide range of languages to leading academic libraries - Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, University of Illinois, Washington University in St Louis and others - at competitive prices.

Why MARCnow?

  • Receive high quality print and e-book records with complete subject analysis, access points and parallel fields for non-Roman scripts
  • Delivery times – usually 20-30 days from MARCNow receiving the bibliographic information from any book vendor
  • Free access to our proprietary online Cataloging Management System
    • Library can review overlap report for each print title. This report has helped many libraries with their collection development. 
    • Library can review invoices online. 
    • Library can review recently delivered batches and all batches in the pipeline with dates.
  • Reduced pricing models suited to the library’s needs
    • Competitive pricing is driven by consortium cataloging and partnership with book vendors
      • For example: If you have an approval plan with Harrassowitz, Erasmus, Worldwide Books or East View, we invite you to become a member of our group which includes Cornell, Harvard, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, Princeton, Stanford, Washington University in St. Louis, Yale and others. By joining this group, you will receive high quality records at further reduced prices. 
    • If e-book and print has been purchased for 1 title, you will receive 2 records but only pay for 1 

If you have any questions or would like additional information or sample records, just let us know.