Cataloging for new print materials within 20-30 days at competitive prices

  • Enables libraries to receive materials and competitively priced full MARC records at the same time
  • MARCnow’s partnership with Harrassowitz, Erasmus, Worldwide Books and East View enables libraries to receive fully cataloged materials at further reduced prices
    • Current participating libraries : Cornell, Harvard, Illinois, Michigan State, Princeton, Princeton Theological Seminary, Stanford, Washington University in St. Louis and Yale 
    • Reduced pricing is enabled by overlap of titles between the participating libraries. If there is more than 1 library in the consortium buying the same book, then the price is further reduced for all participating libraries buying the same title.  
  • MARCnow can work with any vendor - the workflow is as follows:
    • Vendor ships books to our partner Princeton office
    • Our partner Princeton office scans and cataloging done based on surrogates and customized to each library’s specs 
    • Ship physically processed books (optional) along with the record to the library

Cataloging backlog materials for most languages

  • Cataloging is based on surrogates
  • Scanning can be done either by the library or at our partner Princeton office
  • More than 50 Languages can be handled by our office
    • CJK
    • Middle Eastern - Arabic, Persian, Turkish
    • Russian and Slavic  Languages (including Cyrillic script) 
    • West European - German, French, Italian, Dutch, etc.
    • South Asian and Indian Languages - Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, etc. 

Flexible solutions for E-book cataloging

  • A consortium of libraries buying the same e-book package can be put together to drive the price of each catalog record much lower due to 100% overlap between libraries buying the same package
  • OR, if a significant portion of the e-book package is not of interest, we can catalog only selected titles of the package based on a profile. This allows the library to have full MARC records of uniform quality for the most relevant titles.
  • In both cases, we do a free review of all records for the particular e-book package to determine what proportion of records require upgrade

Cataloging from any media and as per library's exact specifications and RDA rules

We create records (print and e-book) from any media that your organization possesses including, but not limited to, books, journals or microforms and produce MARC records to your exact specifications. Our experienced catalogers will provide high quality MARC21 records in compliance with RDA rules.

We cater to all of your cataloging needs:

  • Original cataloging for a wide variety of materials, including serials and monographs, contemporary or historical. Original cataloging includes special attention to subject headings and intellectual access to books, providing call numbers with LC/DDC shelf listing and can also include transliteration, translation and vernacular script if required.
  • Enhance existing copy with subject headings, notes, call numbers, vernacular script as needed and permitted by rules
  • Upgrading of minimal-level MARC records into full MARC records to match your precise needs
  • Customizing records (i.e. adding local holdings information)
  • Retrospective data conversion from both electronic and paper catalogs

We work in over 50 languages including European, East Asian, South Asian and Slavic languages. Our catalogers are experts in a wide variety of subjects ranging from history, art and literature to sciences, engineering and medicine.

We deliver services on time and on budget by working jointly with clients to assess their specific needs and to develop a detailed work plan.

For more information, please contact us.